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Do you have a good dog with bad behavior? James and Lauren will teach you the secret to communicating with your dog so that commands are both understood and have meaning.

Their free consultation and temperament test is designed to get inside your dog’s mind and also shed light on your current relationship with your dog. Because every dog is different, they’ll come up with a plan to turn your furry buddy into the dog you’ve always dreamed of owning.

Call now for a FREE consultation and temperament test for your dog. (A $125 Value!)

Off Leash Training

Our off leash training programs mean your dog will be reliable even around other dogs, cats and food temptations.

Stop Bad Behavior

We can quickly and easily transform your dog's bad behavior into good behavior.

All Dogs, All Breeds

Whether its with our private lessons, "board & train" or group classes-- we can train any dog, any breed!


“Imagine your dog off leash reliable and listening to your every command. Perfect obedience around distractions. Bad behavior problems a thing of the past.”

"Hi, We're James and Lauren."

James and Lauren Downey are obedience training experts who can get your dog to listen to you, anywhere you go!

Behavior Modification

We are behavior modification
specialists and we help
good dogs with bad behavior.

Pet Dogs & More!

Our experience as working
dog trainers gives us additional tools
to safely fix dog problems fast.

Call now for a FREE consultation and temperament test for your dog. (A $125 Value!)

Gave Us Peace Of Mind..

Lauren and Jim took such incredible care of both dogs. I noticed how our rescue dog took to Lauren and Jim immediately and that brought tears to my eyes because he had so much anxiety being away from us. We are so very thankful to them for giving us peace of mind knowing that our dog safe and in the very best hands when we leave her. Thank you again!”

- Marissa Parsons, Nashville-Tennessee

with "LC"

Call now for a FREE consultation and temperament test for your dog. (A $125 Value!)

Private Training

You and your dog will learn in one-on-one dog training sessions as we teach you how to transform your dog's behavior.

Board & Train

Busy or traveling? With our board & train programs your dog lives with us while achieving a high level of obedience success.

Day Training

No more house training accidents, barking, nipping or other problem puppy behaviors-- We teach you how to start off right!

Call now for a FREE consultation and temperament test for your dog. (A $125 Value!)

Far Exceeded Expectations...

Thank you Lauren and Jim for helping us get our Staffy puppy Luke off to such a great start. Your professionalism and expertise has by far exceeded our expectations. We look forward to our continued relationship and the wonderful care you are providing for our dog.

- David Ennis & "Luke"


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