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Our "Courteous Canine" Program

Your dog will learn basic obedience commands, house manners and walking politely on a leash.

Our "Freedom" Program

Your dog will be reliable off leash, learn leash manners in public settings and be a well behaved house member with guests and the whole family.

Our "Puppy Perfection" Program

Your puppy will be crate trained and potty trained. They will also be properly socialized to the world including learning their name and to come when called. Your puppy learns to be engaged with you and taught to be neutral to the outside world.

Our "Ultimate Dog" Program

Your dog/puppy will learn how to walk politely on leash, greet others politely and ignore other dogs/people. They will learn to come when called, go lay on their bed when asked at home and become proficient in basic obedience commands

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